Why Increasing Your Social Media Presence and Number of 5-Star Reviews Is Crucial to the Ongoing Success of Your Auto Dealership and Service Department

Millennials Are Slated to Make Up the Largest Segment of New Car Purchasers
Did you know that Millennials (age 18-35) makeup almost 24% of the population in the United States? Even more importantly, they are the fastest growing segment of customers purchasing vehicles from dealerships across the country and are expected to make up 40% of the U.S. vehicle market by 2020! Millennials hang out on social media, read reviews and are more educated than all previous demographics combined, so using outdated marketing techniques (billboards, radio, print and TV) are an enormous waste of money and resources for your dealership. If your dealership isn’t utilizing Facebook, InstaGram and Twitter as part of it’s daily marketing campaign you are missing opportunities to attract a large chunk of this population that will instinctually gravitate towards the dealerships that are marketing to the proper mediums!

Why Quality Content Matters
Increasing your social media presence doesn’t just mean thoughtless posts, it means delivering high-quality content on a consistent basis to develop market authority and connect with your readers. Blogging, images and now more than ever… video will capture the attention of your customers. Millennials take the time to do the research. No longer do they walk into dealerships and browse, they are educated consumers that read reviews, take recommendations from their peers and seek out the one dealership that is offering the best price, the best service and genuinely care about their customer. They do research, and will spend a significant amount of time doing so. In fact, millennials spend OVER 17 hours researching a vehicle before purchasing it and 71% feel the need to be aware of all of their possible vehicle options before purchasing.

Skip the Sales Pitch and Speak Truth to Your Audience
Millennial’s have evolved to apply their own Pop-up blocker to the world. They can see past the sales pitch and demand content that has substance. They seek authenticity and align themselves with companies that are actively making an impact in their community.  

The Importance of 5-Star Reviews
Millennials are now using reviews as a way to narrow down both the next car they are looking to purchase as well as the dealerships in which they are looking to purchase from. Word of mouth and peer influence has a big impact on where they will buy their next vehicle from. Facebook, Yelp and Google have solid, credible ways to help grow your business through the use of dealership reviews. Millennials spend a great deal of time researching dealerships through reviews, social media and peer influence. Millennials are shifting how they interact with dealerships. Gone are the days of driving around from dealership to dealership to purchase a vehicle. Now auto buyers conduct all research from the comfort of their home (or coffee shop), reading reviews, scanning social media pages and checking inventory then head off to the dealership to make their purchase. 83 percent o

Some Interesting Stats to Ponder…
For the third consecutive year social media ranked higher than a dealers website when choosing a dealership to visit. Below is a list of statistics that prove to strengthen why your dealership should be focusing on marketing to millennials as well as adopting creative ways to penetrate this market.

Service is Also a Driving Factor to Consider
Not only do millennials conduct hours of research online when purchasing a new vehicle, they also do the same when choosing a service department to work on their vehicle. In addition to upping your sales game it is also equally important to invest time writing content as well as requesting reviews centered around your service department.

Written by Jamie Connell