DT Careers

Dealer Tee is growing, and we are aggressively hiring qualified candidates! Read below for a list of positions we are interested in filling.

Regional Sales Associate

We are in search of a highly organized and experienced Sales Associate to be part of our quickly expanding Dealer Tee Customer Connection Program.

The Dealer Tee Customer Connection Program Explained

Our Dealer Tee Customer Connection Program provides automotive, RV, boat and powersports dealerships the opportunity to market to their customers friends, family and network. Offering a unique opportunity, we turn existing customer’s into a walking billboard, increase social media presence. build word of mouth referrals , all while providing valuable feedback through survey’s, testimonials and reviews from verified customers. Our program saves significant amounts of money by drastically reducing the cost to obtain future customers. Dealerships that opt for more traditional forms of money such as radio and print are throwing away thousands of dollars a year. Take advantage of this opportunity and offer the dealership something the can actually benefit from… qualified leads at a significantly lower cost to obtain them.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for this position is an outside of the box thinker, highly organized and detail oriented. Computer and communication skills are a must. This opportunity is limitless, easy and designed to build wealth. Sign up dealerships through your online portal and we will send you a commission check for each customer your dealerships enter in to our system. Have a friend that you think will be an all-star at this program? Sign them up as one of your sales agents and earn a commission on each sale you colleague generates.

Interested in Joining the Team?

For more information please contact us at 813-651-2200 or email your resume to careers@dealertee.com. Dealer Tee is an equal opportunity employer.  If you’ve got the right kind of attitude, we’re interested in speaking with you!