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No Contract, No Upfront Fees, GUARANTEED RESULTS!

What exactly does “No Contract, No Upfront Fees, GUARANTEED RESULTS” mean for your dealership? It means that there is no catch what-so-ever! We are the #1 Customer Connection and Retention Tool on the Planet. Our program is rock solid, easy to get in to, reasonably priced and will significantly increase your customer base and social …

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Dealer Tee Video Image

Our Customer Connection Program Will Increase Your Customer Base, Strengthen Your Social Media Presence and Drastically Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs!

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Dealer Tee Dealership Privacy and Security

How Does Dealer Tee Handle Your Valuable and Sensitive Dealership and Customer Information? Dealerships ask us a lot of question about our Customer Connection Program. Time and time again we have dealerships that are concerned with two specific topics. We answer these questions so frequently that we figured it warrants a blog post dedicated specifically …

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New Age Dealership Marketing Techniques

Why Increasing Your Social Media Presence and Number of 5-Star Reviews Is Crucial to the Ongoing Success of Your Auto Dealership and Service Department
Millennials Are Slated to Make Up the Largest Segment of New Car Purchasers
Did you know that Millennials (age 18-35) makeup almost 24% of the population in the United States? Even more importantly, they are the fastest growing segment of customers purchasing vehicles from dealerships across the country and are expected to make up 40% of the U.S. vehicle market by 2020! Millennials hang out on social media, read reviews and are more educated than all previous demographics combined, so using outdated marketing techniques (billboards, radio, print and TV) are an enormous waste of money and resources for your dealership. If your dealership isn’t utilizing Facebook, InstaGram and Twitter as part of it’s daily marketing campaign you are missing opportunities to attract a large chunk of this population that will instinctually gravitate towards the dealerships that are marketing to the proper mediums!

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