Dealer Tee Dealership Privacy and Security
July 30, 2018 Social Media No Comments

How Does Dealer Tee Handle Your Valuable and Sensitive Dealership and Customer Information?

Dealerships ask us a lot of question about our Customer Connection Program. Time and time again we have dealerships that are concerned with two specific topics. We answer these questions so frequently that we figured it warrants a blog post dedicated specifically to these questions. The two most frequently asked questions we receive are “What do you do with our customers information?” and “Do you share our information with other dealerships?” Let’s get right in to the answers…

What Do We Do with a Dealerships Customers Information?

The answer is surprisingly simple… NOTHING! We do not sell, share, store or solicit your customers information… EVER! Our parent company is a t-shirt company (Red Bug Tees) and our sister company sells extended service contracts for heavy duty trucks (Truck Master Warranty). We saw an opportunity to service a similar, yet different market (auto dealerships) and provide a product with such an affordable entry price it is a no brainer to take advantage of the program. We’ve worked in the automotive industry for many years, our experience is lengthy, but the truth of the matter is, we have zero need for this information. We are a silent partner, we do not put our information on any of the packaging that your customer sees, so they do not even know we exist. As far as they are concerned, your dealership is the one involved in the follow up marketing. We get to focus on what we do best – providing dealerships with an extremely affordable customer retention program and you get to focus on what you do best – provide superior customer service.

Do You Share our Information with Other Dealerships?

We feel that your ideas are your ideas. We do not gain anything by sharing your marketing techniques with other dealerships so we have a strict policy against it. We want to develop a partnership with the dealerships that we service and being dishonest is not a very good way to gain your trust. Plain and simple, we feel that sharing sensitive information of this nature is unethical and have not and will not ever share information of this sort.


Written by Jamie Connell