What exactly does “No Contract, No Upfront Fees, GUARANTEED RESULTS” mean for your dealership?

It means that there is no catch what-so-ever! We are the #1 Customer Connection and Retention Tool on the Planet. Our program is rock solid, easy to get in to, reasonably priced and will significantly increase your customer base and social media presence! No smoke and mirrors, just a high quality product that will give your dealership measurable and GUARANTEED RESULTS!

What are the Guaranteed Results? When you sign up for our program we will provide you with a Free Social Media Analysis and assess your dealerships current social media standing. Once this baseline is determined we GUARANTEE that within 90 days of starting our program you will see an increase in social media traffic as well as a number of high quality reviews of your dealership. These are verified customers providing honest reviews about the service they received from you dealership.

Within 90 Days of Starting Our Program
You WILL SEE AN INCREASE in High-Quality Reviews
and Your Social Media Presence Will Grow!

Increase Your Social Media Presence - Effortlessly!

Increasing your dealerships social media presence is just the side hustle that comes along with our program. In addition to adopting these modern marketing techniques you will be turning your best customer, the one that just took delivery on a vehicle, into walking billboards to brag about the customer service they received from your dealership. No other program on the planet offers this kind of value without an upfront charge or contract!

No Other Program Gives You Access To Your Customers Connections
It’s Not Just Your Customers… IT’S WHO THEY KNOW!

Skip the chocolates, flowers and fruit, those have a shelf life. Our Dealer Tee Customer Connection Program has no shelf life and continues to market your business for you even while the doors to your dealership are locked for the evening.

Sign Up Today – Once you give our program a try you will  wished you would signed up sooner.
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Written by Jamie Connell